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Modaheal 200mg


Shown to boost mental performance

Wakefulness-boosting stimulant

Enhances motivation and focus

modaheal 200 modafinil

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$0.49 pr pill

Side effects

Some Reported
Side Effects


100-200 mg per day

Effect hours

Onset: 1hr
Peak: 6hr
Drop: 3hr

Boost Your Mental Activity With Modaheal


Modafinil has gained its popularity all over the globe at the speed of light. The drug was initially developed to treat narcolepsy, but as researches went, it was discovered that it could deal with many other conditions. People suffering from low productivity or decreased focus and wakefulness all over the globe stated that modafinil helped them deal with these issues like nothing else.

That is when all drug-producing companies figured it might be that gold mine they need to explore. So, generic modafinil-producing companies have come to light spreading the smart drug worldwide.

As you may already know, there are over 20 variations of modafinil produced by various companies, and Modaheal belongs to this category. Since Modaheal is very new to the industry, we’ve decided to provide you with a complete review of the product. Read on to learn more!

Modaheal 100 modafinil

When Did It Start?

When comparing Modaheal with other modafinil products available online, this generic drug is new to the scene. The brand joined the industry in 2017. Some people say that Modaheal is just a rebrand for Vilafinil. However, we have no proofs to confirm or deny this claim. Instead, we are going to have a closer look at everything connected with the product.

Modaheal – What Is It?

Healing pharma is a company that produces Modaheal at the moment. The company is located in Mumbai, India. Modaheal is just another generic version of modafinil. However, while most modafinil products come in 200 mg doses, Modaheal comes also in 100 mg doses. Such dosing trick with separated dosages makes the drug stand out among the others.

If you think about the purpose the drug has been developed for, it is stated by the producing company that it has been designed to promote wakefulness for the most part.

Healing Pharma – What Do We Know About It?

As has been already stated, the company is relatively new to the industry. However, that does not mean they are not successful. Even though the company joined the market in 2017, starting from then they have managed to produce a wide specter of drugs, and Modaheal is just one of them. As the company claims, their main task is to produce generic drugs of high quality and affordable cost. As of now, you can order from them anything from antibiotics and painkillers to psychotropics, women’s and men’s health products.

It is safe to say that Heal Pharma sticks to its policy and offers affordable prices for high-quality products.

Modaheal Quality

If we take the company’s statement, quality control is something they pay the most attention to. However, Modaheal is still relatively new to the market, and few customers have tried it, leaving us with little to no users’ reviews. Clearly, it is great that Healing Pharma claims they are highly concerned about the quality control. Nevertheless, it is difficult to say whether it is actually true until there are more reviews on the product available.

Modaheal – The Pricing

There are not so many places you can purchase Modaheal from. It does not mean that the product is bad; it only means that most vendors try to sell those modafinil products that are well-known and requested. When Modaheal proves to be effective and gains some popularity, we are sure it will be easier to find.

To tell the truth, that fact that Modaheal is sold by a few vendors is a good thing, since it means that it comes at a lower price than similar products do. If you compare Modaheal and Modalert, then you get the price ranging from $0.51-$0.92 USD and $0.98–USD 2.80 per tablet accordingly. It is simple math to come to the conclusion that Modaheal is a lot more affordable.

Modabits is one of those vendors offering Modaheal at the moment. However, prior to rushing on their site, learn that they accept Bitcoin payments only, while other vendors, such as Afinil Express, give you the possibility to choose between credit card and Bitcoin payments. Besides, even though the prices that ModafinilXL offers are a little higher, the discount policy is worth considering as well.

It needs to be pointed out that Modaheal is sold by fewer vendors, but it is a lot cheaper than other modafinil products that can be found online. The only downside is a Bitcoin-only payment option since not all users are equally familiar with the way cryptocurrencies work.

For residents of Canada we suggest to purchase Modaheal from BuyModa, for those who lives in Europe — EUfinil

Cost Comparison with Available Discounts

Modabits ModafinilXL
Modaheal $0.51–$0.92 $0.49–$1.94
Modvigil Not Available $0.49–$1.94
Modalert Not Available $0.77–$1.94

Is Modaheal a Rebrand of Vilafinil?

There is a conspiracy theory being passed around on the Internet that Modaheal is nothing else but a mere rebranding of Vilafinil. This rumor was spread by users on Reddit who claimed they had seen Centurion Laboratories listed on the back of Modaheal packaging. However, since we’ve ordered the product to check that – the theory hasn’t been proved.

Modaheal – Side effects and Warnings

Modaheal is a nootropic, which means that side effects are possible and they may include:

  • nausea
  • headache
  • diarrhea
  • sleep disorder
  • depression
  • decreased appetite

Whenever you feel that something is wrong, you should consult your doctor immediately since no matter how safe the drug might be, every body responds to it differently.

General warnings:

  • Alcohol – it is better to avoid consuming both at the same time since it may result in intense drowsiness.
  • Pregnancy – Modaheal is still very new to the industry so no complete studies prove whether it is safe or unsafe if taken during the pregnancy. However, some doctors recommend keeping off the meds while being pregnant since it may affect the fetus, and not in the best way.
  • Lactation – just like with pregnancy, you’d better refuse to take Modaheal while breastfeeding.
  • Driving – Modaheal is a drug that is supposed to increase your wakefulness; driving is an activity that requires high levels of attention and wakefulness. This means that unless you feel fine, you should not get behind the wheel.
  • Kidney – there are no reported risks of taking the pill if you have kidney disease. However, in order to stay on the safe side, it is best to consult your doctor first.
  • Liver – those with liver disease should be very careful when taking Modaheal. In fact, we’d recommend talking to your doctor about it in the first instance.

Expert Advice

There are no obvious side effects of Modaheal, yet, some experts state the following:
Even though the drug is designed to reduce your sleepiness, it is not designed to replace your sleep. A proper sleeping routine is a must.

It is best to take the drug an hour before the time you need Modaheal to work.
If you experience headaches after taking Modaheal, consult your doctor immediately and stop taking the medication.

Observe the way the pills affect you before taking up some responsible action, such as driving or any other activity that requires your full alertness.

In case of any diseases or pregnancy, inform your doctor about the medication.

Modaheal Compared with Other Generic Modafinil Products

If you wish to know which modafinil products are similar to Modaheal, it is safe to say that they are Modvigil and Vilafinil. These two modafinil drugs are mild in their strength and have a moderate effect as well as duration.

When it comes to pricing, Modaheal appears to be cheaper than analogs. However, if you consider discounts and payment options that are applied to other modafinil products, the statement can be controversial.

In case you skip your Modaheal routine, there is no need to double the dose. All you need to do is to follow up your regular routine.


To sum everything up, Modaheal is a new generic version of modafinil available on the market. The drug is created by Healing Pharma to help people dealing with decreased wakefulness. The company is relatively new to the industry and located in India. However, the quality they claim to offer is supposed to be one of the highest.

Judging from what we’ve learned about the product, it is weaker than Provigil and Modalert but as strong as Vilafinil and Modvigil. The lack of available reviews makes it difficult to state that Modaheal is a 100% reliable and quality product; all we have is the company’s word.

Even though the prices that Modaheal comes at are more than affordable, we would suggest you wait for a little while before giving it a try. There are no reported side effects of this modafinil product. However, it is best to stick to such trusted drugs as Modalert and Modvigil, until more positive reviews on Modaheal appear.

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