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Wakefulness-boosting stimulant

Enhances motivation and focus

modafresh 200 modafinil

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100-200 mg per day

Effect hours

Onset: 2hr
Peak: 5hr
Drop: 3hr

Boost Your Focus with Modafresh

Modafinil goes under the name of a useful and practical drug that helps people remain focused and alert. However, not everyone knows that there are many variations modafinil comes in. Each type of modafinil has its own particular area of action. Today we are going to center around Modafresh, a drug that is a generic version of modafinil produced by Sunrise Pharma.

There are three main things that the drug increases:

  • Your alertness
  • Your focus
  • Your mental agility

Taking the mentioned above factors, it is safe to say that Modafresh is a drug that promotes wakefulness, focus, and mental performance in general. If this is exactly what you have been looking for – read on to learn more.

modafresh 200

Introduction to Modafresh

To begin with, every new user should know that there are more than twenty various forms of modafinil that are distributed all over the globe. However, almost all of them are related to the original Provigil version. All the versions are called generic.
If you consider generics, you need to keep in mind that every modafinil type has its own peculiarities. The generic versions differ in terms of strength, duration, and quality.

Modafresh is a relatively new type of modafinil that is available on the market these days. Due to the fact that the medication is fresh, there are rarely any reviews on it that can be found online. We have decided to contribute to the issue and have compiled a complete Modafresh review that will help you form your opinion upon whether you should give it a try.

Modafresh – What Is It?

As it has been already mentioned, Modafresh is a new generic modafinil version. The medication comes in the form of small, round pills with no marking on them. There are two dosage types the pills come in – 100 mg and 200 mg. The active ingredients are D- and L-modafinil, which are referred to as S- and R- modafinil.
The truth is that for the drug to be classified as a generic version of the original drug, it has to come with the same dose as well as in the same form as the original does. However, its filler amount is allowed to be altered. To put it simply, Modafresh is a generic version of Provigil, which is produced by Cephalon Inc.

Modafresh and Its Effects

It is quite difficult to find many Modafresh reviews online since the medication is new to the market. However, considering those few reviews that have been found, it is safe to say that Modafresh is very similar to Modvigil.

Modvigil is a smart drug that enhances brain wakefulness and activity. Also, it increases the consumer’s alertness, creativity, motivation, and energy level. Now, you have a basic understanding of how Modafresh may affect you.

Also, when comparing Modafresh to Artvigil and Waklert, the former is a little weaker than the other two types of modafinil. That is not a side effect, but rather an advantage since not all people need a super-charged drug, and some will definitely prefer something to mildly increase their alertness, focus, and activity. It’s even been described in the New York Times as a “nap in a pill” for its ability to restore wakefulness.

Modafresh and Its Advantages

In order to figure out the advantages of Modafresh, all you need to do is to list the benefits that modafinil comes with. It is said to:

  • treat narcolepsy
  • treat sleep apnea
  • combat fatigue
  • enhance concentration
  • improve focus
  • boost productivity
  • increase alertness
  • promote wakefulness

If you combine all the listed advantages in one, you will get Modafresh.

Purchasing Modafinil – Are There any Hidden Rocks?

In some countries, there may be issues arising when you decide to buy modafinil since it may be categorized as a prescription-only medication. If you feel like you may need a medical solution to help you deal with sleep disorders or low activity levels, but you do not have a prescription, it may be difficult to get the medicine. Even if you have a suitable prescription, prices offered by most brick-and-mortar pharmacies are very high. In general, it takes a regular user to spend over $1500 for a monthly pack.

Surely, not everyone who needs modafinil medication can afford to spend such an amount monthly. That is why many people tend to purchase the medicine online. Many vendors offer modafinil varieties online these days. However, you need to keep in mind that not all of them are equally trustworthy.

The prices that the online vendors offer are different as well. Nevertheless, they are a lot more affordable compared with those offered by offline pharmacies. For instance, the average cost of modafinil may range from $0.80 to $3 per pill, depending upon the vendor as well as the type of modafinil you need.

The solution to both of these problems is to buy these medications online – ModafinilXL.

Reputable Modafinil and Modafresh Sources

Just like with modafinil vendors, you have to be careful with producers of the medicine. If we take Modafresh, which is produced by Sunrise Pharmaceuticals, it is safe to say that the company is worthy of your trust. It specializes in generic medications manufacturing. In its structure, the company is similar to HAB Pharmaceuticals, which is another trusted modafinil producer.

Sunrise Pharmaceuticals was approved in 2014 and started their path in 2015. As you can see, the company is new to the market as well as to the industry. In case you wonder what form of ownership it features, it is a private enterprise. Surely, some customers may not pay any attention to such details as whether a producer is private or public, but these details matter, especially if we are talking genetic medication. Bloomberg lists Sunrise Pharmaceuticals as a Privately held company.

So, what is the difference between private and public modafinil companies? The difference lies in the way the companies distribute their products.

  • Private companies
    Having a limited number of shareholders, a private company does not provide its shares to the general public. The shares are not purchased via a stock market, but they are privately exchanged.
  • Public companies
    These enterprises have stock options that are publicly traded and can be purchased via a stock market.

Disadvantages of Private Companies

If thinking about ordering modafinil from private companies, you need to keep in mind all possible downsides that may come along. Some of them are obvious, but others are difficult to spot if you do not know what to look for. We are going to list all the disadvantages of private companies you need to be aware of:
Poor transparency
Unlike public companies, private ones are not bound to open all the information to their users. Sometimes, this is not bad at all; however, when talking about modafinil producers, that is an obvious downside. You need to be aware of how and where the product is made, what kind of raw materials are used, etc. If a company covers up the information, you’d better not to order from them.
Lack of Public Vested Interest
Public companies are more popular, and that makes them more trustworthy.
Smaller Than Public Companies
Whether you like it or not, but private companies are always smaller than public ones.
Poorer Manufacture Regulations
Public companies are strictly regulated, and when something goes wrong, everyone tends to learn about it, which affects the company’s policy and reputation badly. In many cases, a public company may lose its investors so they do everything they can to avoid any negative outcome if possible. On the contrary, private companies rarely worry about something like bad press, and that is critical when it comes to ordering smart drugs that affect the sensitive tissues of your brain.

When you combine all the above-mentioned downsides, it is best you avoid ordering from private modafinil producing companies at all cost. You need to remember that a trustworthy company that offers pharmaceutical medications should have a proper quality control policy, regulated manufacturing, legal obligations and high transparency.

Modafresh and Its Possible Side Effects

Just like with any other medication, Modafresh can have some side effects. All the side effects are highly personal, however, you need to watch out for:

  • nausea
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • anxiety

There may be some more severe side effects of Modafresh, such as:

  • depression
  • mood swings
  • chest pain
  • infection
  • irregular heartbeat
  • allergic reaction

In case you notice any of these symptoms, it is best to consult a professional as soon as possible.

Available Modafresh Alternatives

As it has been already stated, Modafresh is relatively new to the market, that is why some customers prefer something that has already proved to be effective and safe. If you wonder what alternatives to Modafresh are there, it is safe to say that Modalert and Modvigil fit the category. While Modalert offers a stronger effect, Modvigil stays at the lighter side. You can choose either of them depending on your needs and preferences.

In case neither Modalert nor Modvigilis is strong enough for you, you should consider armodafinil instead. There are two main armodafinil generic products – Waklert and Artvigil.


To sum everything up, Modafresh is just making its way to the top of new modafinil products available on the market. When compared to other well-known modafinil products, Modafresh is close to Modvigil.

The company that produces Modafresh, Sunrise Pharmaceuticals, is a privately held company, and as we have listed it above, such companies come with a set of downsides. Of course, we don’t claim that all the disadvantages of private companies are applied to Sunrise Pharmaceuticals, but you’d better consider them before placing an order.

Judging by the reviews that are available online at the moment, Modafresh is something you should use to mildly increase your focus and wakefulness. If that sounds like something you need, then you may give this generic medication a try. However, if you are more old-fashioned when it comes to smart drugs, then you need a time-tested medicine. In this case, we would recommend you stick to Modalert or Modvigil to avoid any negative outcomes.
The choice is yours!

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