Learn the Basics: Do Modafinil and Alcohol Really Work Together?

Modafinil and Alcohol

In the recent years, Modafinil has become the most well known cognitive-enhancing drug around the world.

Doctors use it for treating different medical issues, connected to concentration and wakefulness. Students love it because it is extremely useful during exams, when studying takes hours and hours straight. People in creative fields, whether it is their job or a hobby, take it in order to boost creativity to another level.

However, alcohol is not what we can call an enhancer for concentration and sharpness of the mind.

To be fair, alcohol has quite the opposite effect on the human mind, compared with Modafinil. It makes our reactions slower, and it gets more difficult to focus. So why take them together?

This being said, there are still some cases, when these two substances are mixed, either intentionally or not. Sometimes, there are advantages to taking them both. On the other hand, they might mix in your body accidentally, if you consume them both within a short period of time.

In this article, we will find out about the safety of mixing alcohol with Modafinil and the limitations that come with it.

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How Can We Combine Modafinil with Alcohol?

The effects alcohol and this cognitive enhancer have on our body and mind are precisely the opposite, so what is the point of mixing them?

There are quite a few different situations, when it is more than likely for them to combine in our body. Here you can see a couple of those:

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1. An Event is Coming And You Need to be Ready

Probably, most of us have had such a situation, when we needed to be present at an event, but we were naturally exhausted. Imagine working, studying or doing anything physically and mentally draining for a long time – would you feel as fit as a fiddle for a birthday party or something like that? Often, you simply cannot miss the party for a number of reasons.

In this case, Modafinil comes to the rescue. The effects it has are perfect for this kind of trouble.

Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting drug, helping us to stay awake and focused for many hours. It cannot replace healthy sleep completely, but it can certainly postpone it in times of need. Having the medicine at hand, you will have plenty of time to have fun at any gathering, which otherwise you would have missed sleeping in your bed.

There are alcoholic beverages on many events. In this case, they are likely to get combined with Modafinil in your body.

2. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

When going clubbing or attending a concert, everyone wants to be energetic and lively. Modafinil can be just the most suitable and safe thing to make you feel awake all night long.

Lately, this method of staying awake has gained a lot of popularity. Many people like to take their dose of Modafinil before hitting a club or going to various festivals.
These kinds of events often involve alcohol and even other substances. In order to avoid mixing them all together, you would have to stick to drinking water, which is very unlikely.

3. Modafinil is Still in the Body, but You Went For a Drink

There are cases of combining alcohol with Modafinil without any intention.
Modafinil is often taken in the morning in order to help you make it through long hours of studying for final exams, or when your deadlines at work are getting closer. For some people with low levels of dopamine, it is essential to have an everyday boost to function normally.

Even if you decide to drink some alcohol after your day is finished, Modafinil can still remain in your body. The duration of its effects can vary depending on the dose; however, in most cases it can be present throughout the day. In this case, you cannot avoid mixing them together.

How Exactly Does Modafinil Work?

Modafinil increases the rates of chemicals, which are responsible for making us awake and concentrated, in our brains.

Our brains need to rest too, that is why after being awake for a certain amount of time we need to have some time to sleep.

Modafinil is a cognitive enhancer, so it stimulates our brain to stay awake longer than it can naturally does.

One of the chemicals influenced directly by Modafinil is dopamine. It is a neurotransmitter, which transfers signals in our brain. The higher is the level of dopamine, the more motivated we are.

How Different Are Modafinil and Alcohol?

Various substances can act either like psychostimulants or depressants. It does not mean that certain drugs can only stimulate, so these are just two extremes.
Modafinil is a cognitive stimulant, but alcohol is definitely a depressant. The influence they have on the human body is drastically different.

Modafinil promotes wakefulness, concentration and energy, whereas alcohol makes us more relaxed and fatigued.

That is why mixing them can have different consequences. The result can also be influenced by the amount of substance you take.


The Risks of Consuming Alcohol with Modafinil

1. The Possibility of Serious Dehydration

Modafinil and alcohol both keep your body from retaining water. Metabolism becomes faster in order to wash these substances out of the body. The kidneys also contribute to removing a lot of water for cleaning our systems.

It is important to drink plenty of water while taking either of these substances. However, combining them together puts us at risk of being dangerously dehydrated.


2. The Liver is Put Under Pressure

All the substances that go through our body have to undergo metabolization in the liver. The liver is responsible for breaking the compounds down and getting them ready to leave the body via kidneys or gastrointestinal tract.

If you take alcohol and Modafinil at the same time, the pressure on the liver is twice as high. There is a huge amount of energy involved.

A wide range of physical processes goes through the liver, which is why putting it under such pressure is harmful to our health in general.

In case the liver slows down its function for a long time, other body parts like the digestive system and levels of hormones start to suffer.

Ways of Minimizing the Negative Effects of Modafinil with Alcohol

It is not advisable to mix alcohol with modafinil at all. But in rare cases, it has to happen, or you have already done it. There are some tips and tricks on how to be safer.

1. Consume Less Alcohol and/or Modafinil

The dosage of any substance establishes the effects it will have on the body. A higher amount can lead to some negative consequences.

In order to play it safe, try to cut the dosage. This way, it will be easier for the liver to handle both of them together.

2. Avoid Taking them on Empty Stomach

Either you are taking Modafinil or drinking alcohol, it is a common knowledge that you have to eat at least something.

One of the possible effects of Modafinil can be poor appetite. This is why you need to be extra careful and watch your nutrition.

Drinking alcohol or taking Modafinil on empty stomach may result in fatigue, intoxication, weakness and even vomiting. Make sure to have a hearty nutritious meal at the beginning of the day to avoid these consequences.

3. Stay Hydrated

Water helps with washing out different substances out of our bodies. Certain compounds have to be removed from our systems for them to function properly, and this is why our duty is to stay hydrated enough.

Because of both Modafinil and alcohol, water loss gets much faster. Drinking plenty of liquid is essential.

There are people who do not like drinking a lot, so they will have to take the bathroom more often. This is because the body will try to get rid of different compounds in other ways, such as excessive sweating for example.

4. Try to Avoid Combining Them and Take Time to Rest

One-off occasions of mixing these two things will not be very damaging. On the other hand, the regular intake of both will certainly be extremely harmful.
In order to be on the safe side, give your body enough rest after mixing Modafinil with alcohol. Give it at least a full day, though a couple of days would be even better.

Putting too much pressure on the liver regularly may result in severe diseases, such as diabetes.

Final Thoughts on the Subject

Combining alcohol with Modafinil is not something any doctor would recommend. This being said, there are some situations, which is impossible to avoid.

Both substances can have different negative side effects. When put together, these effects can deepen or even result in some new ones.

This mixing can cause dehydration, fatigue, vomiting, hormonal imbalance, liver issues, etc. The list goes on.

In order to reduce negative effects as much as possible, make sure to intake these substances in lower doses, drink a lot of water and other liquids, such as juices and tea, eat nutritious food and have plenty of rest after the intake.

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