Learn the Basics: How to be Creative with Modafinil

Modafinil for Creativity

There are a couple of things, which make us humans. The most distinctive one is our creativity.

The number of jobs built around creativity is enormous. But everyone sometimes faces a very unpredictable and quite annoying condition, which is called “creative block”. In this case, we all try to overcome it in different ways.

One of the things, which will help channel your creativity once again, is Modafinil. It has a number of advantages, which will undoubtedly strengthen your productivity and creativity.

For those working in the creative field, it is a perfect solution. Designers, musicians, journalists, photographers – everyone can benefit from it.

In order to find out how Modafinil is beneficial in this scenario, we will have to figure out how creative processes function inside our brain and how they intersect with the effects of this smart drug.


How Can We Define Creativity?

First and foremost, it is important to understand the meaning of the term “creativity”.

Creativity means taking the ideas and dreams, which exist in your imagination, and making them a reality. In other words, creating something tangible from your thoughts.

However, it does not have to be something material, which you can touch, such as a book or a sculpture. But, it can be something we can see or hear, such as a song or a movie.

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Where Does Creativity Originate From?

Creativity is a wonder of the human mind. Our brains have the ability to generate something unique from nothing. But it is not a mechanism, where we can see exactly which part or component is responsible for a certain action.

Still, scientists across the globe wonder, where exactly creativity originates from. It is more of a philosophical question.

However, it is known that several parts of the brain should be involved in the process of creativity. There are two main types of thinking, which enable creativity.
Divergent thinking is used to find as many creative solutions for a problem as possible. On the contrary, convergent thinking is applicable to problems with only one correct solution.


Is Creativity Congenital?

There is scientifically proven information that children are born with creative thinking but they lose the ability to be creative as time passes.

An observation has been made, that people learn how to lose creativity, instead of enhancing it. As people age, they tend to look for the most simple decisions, instead of channeling their creativity and finding new ways.

Creativity tests have proven that young children perform much better in terms of creativity than adults. The usual score on creativity tests among children aged five is more than 95%, whereas the average result for adults is only 2%.

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The Process of Creative Thinking

In order to learn, how to be creative again, the key point is to try to comprehend the creative process. It will be easier to understand, if we divide it into a few stages:

1. Getting Ready

First things first, you will need to figure out the problem that needs a solution. It depends on the field you work in. After pinpointing the issue, try to absorb as much material on the subject as possible. For example, if you are a musician, look for some inspiration in music by other creators. Listen to famous composers and niche music in genres you like. If you are a tattoo artist, search for pictures of other master’s work, etc.

At this stage, the main objective is to soak up all the information and inspiration you can find. This is the background information, which will help you on your creative journey, so Modafinil will come in handy for enhancing your productivity.

2. Incubation

At this stage, you will have to step back a little bit and actually forget about the problem. This time is necessary for all the information, which you received during the previous stage, to sit in your subconsciousness for a little while.

This stage is, unfortunately, something you cannot control. Mental enhancers like Modafinil will not be helpful as well. All you will have to do is to leave these thoughts on the outskirts of your brain and wait patiently.

3. Revelation

Now, this is one of the most important stages. This is when your creativity sparks randomly and you go “Bingo!” or “Aha!”. This happens naturally, and often it comes when you do not challenge your mind and body. For example, you are performing some type of usual physical activity, like going for a walk or doing dishes. All the info in your brain is stirring spontaneously, and this way an idea is born.

Still, at this stage, you will have to manage without Modafinil or other smart drugs.

4. Assessment

This step is crucial on your creative way, however, many people often struggle with it. Finally, you have to do the work by assessing your ideas and the ways of executing them.

At this stage, you can also use Modafinil since you will need all possible energy and productivity. This stage is very energy intense and requires particular attention.

5. Development

The final and most important stage. Here, you will do everything to bring your idea into life. Get ready for long hours of work and hard efforts. This is when Modafinil will be the most useful.

When Is Modafinil Especially Useful?

You can benefit the most if you take Modafinil during the first and the last stages of your creative process. The first one is the stage of getting ready for the work, and the last one is getting the work done. All the other stages do not require almost any effort on your part, because the major part of thinking is done subconsciously.

The easy and safe way of drastically boosting your productivity is taking Modafinil. This cognitive enhancer will help you concentrate and work harder for a long period of time.

How Modafinil Helps You to Start Preparing

Among different effects of Modafinil, there is the possibility of increasing dopamine levels and promoting wakefulness. Dopamine in your brain is responsible for the concentration, so naturally, the higher the level is, the more concentrated and focused you are. The feeling of being awake and energized is essential for working extra hours, which is normally impossible, because at some point you will start getting sleepy.

While getting ready for a creative process, you do a lot of hard work. Collecting information about your topic and searching for inspiration in works of others require a lot of attention and accuracy.

This is why Modafinil is just perfect for this stage. Having it at hand, you will be able to work from fifteen to twenty hours in a row, soaking up all the information possible.

Skip Out on Modafinil During Incubation and Revelation

Contrary to the stages that require a lot of hard work and where we want the dopamine level to be high, sometimes, less is more.

Surprisingly, many studies show that creativity is at its peak when the levels of dopamine are low.

Dopamine is great for studying and working with information, but not for creativity.

Keeping that in mind, you might want to go through these couple of stages without taking Modafinil.

Using Modafinil for the Final Creative Stage

Now, it is prime time to take your dose of Modafinil and get things done. The process of actually executing your idea and turning it into something tangible definitely requires all your powers.

It might take a huge amount of time to even get to work itself, while you are looking through all your possibilities and choosing the right way of implementing the idea. This is why Modafinil is off the charts at the end. Having it at hand, you will be able to work long and aggressively.

Additional Ways of Encouraging Creativity

Here is a short list of things you can do to get even more inspiration. These work well together with Modafinil:

  • Look for creativity in other people – if you are stuck with your existing friends and relatives, you will struggle to get new sources of inspiration. Nothing boosts creativity better than meeting new people with similar interests and enjoying their works;
  • Search for new solutions – try pushing your own boundaries. Challenge yourself to do certain things in ways you are not used to. Look for new interesting approaches and methods. For example, if you are an artist, try working with an art medium, which is new for you;
  • Accept your flaws – do not get discouraged, if you fail sometimes. Creativity is impossible without being wrong at times and trying again. Do not suppress your creativity by being scared of making new mistakes.

Conclusions on the Creative Process with Modafinil

In general, Modafinil is a great helper for creative people.

However, to reach the best efficiency, you will have to understand the components of a creative process and use this mental enhancer only at the right times.

Actually, you need Modafinil only during the preparation stage and when transforming your idea into reality. This is when you require perfect concentration and attention.

To conclude, you should definitely give Modafinil a try, if you are a creative type, or you work in this field. It can make your work easier and more efficient. Making music, creating sculptures, writing poetry – all of this can benefit from Modafinil.

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