How You Can Buy Modafinil in Sweden in 2020

Buy Modafinil in Sweden

Most likely, you are located in Sweden and experience some troubles in buying modafinil in this country. This article is aimed to help you find a solution to this problem.

Modafinil is a smart drug, very popular around the world, and Sweden is not an exception. Its nootropic properties help people, boosting their productivity and improving their studying skills.

Nevertheless, what you need to have for buying modafinil in Sweden is a prescription from your doctor. You can’t simply buy it from a pharmacist in the neighborhoods without a diagnosis of any specific disorder. And there are only a few Sweden citizens who do have the diagnoses. Others need to find an alternative source of this excellent drug.

Alternatives are described in this article in detail. And you can easily follow all the steps and have modafinil delivered at your porch. Let’s go!

modafinil in sweden

What is the Legal Status of Modafinil in Sweden?

Legal regulations of the medical market in Sweden send modafinil into a so-called gray zone of legality. The situation is a bit more complicated than in other countries, like India, for example. There you can purchase modafinil without a single problem.

In Sweden, the market of medicinal products distribution is strictly regulated. As a member of the EU, Sweden has to align the local pharmaceutical laws with the general EU laws. According to them, modafinil has the status of an effective treatment for specific diseases and disorders. At the same time, a prescription-only status is assigned to modafinil. It means that merchants selling medications are allowed to sell modafinil only with a prescription from a doctor.

Getting a prescription might be a tough task since you are unlikely to have narcolepsy confirmed by medical examinations. However, there are options. You can find a way to buy modafinil easily without any documents – and this path lies through the web.

How You Can Buy Modafinil in Sweden

Sleeping disorders, multiple sclerosis or other rare health conditions can become a reason for getting a prescription for modafinil in Sweden. Otherwise, you will need to find an online vendor, located and registered overseas, to order a smart drug. A natural question might arise: how can you buy modafinil online if it’s basically forbidden for sale?

Luckily, Swedish and the EU regulations work only on the territory of Europe. Online suppliers, registered in other states, have to obey the laws of these states. Surely, you can’t order modafinil from a company, located in France, but you can use a website of a vendor from India. In India, legal regulations of pharmaceutical distribution are softer, and all the vendors are allowed to sell drugs abroad.
Okay, then let’s take a closer look at this ordering option. How can you have you modafinil delivered if all parcels cross the Swedish border and might be stopped at it?

There is a clear procedure for customs officers after finding a suspicious package with drugs:

  • sending a request to the addressee, requiring to provide a prescription;
  • releasing the parcel if the documents are provided;
  • destroying the parcel if the documents are not provided.

They can wait up to 60 days for the prescription, and sometimes, they don’t destroy the packages but return them to the merchants.

By the way, you shouldn’t worry about the risk of paying for modafinil online, while receiving nothing in return. Trusted merchants are also anxious about the risk and often cover it with insurance for their customers. This is why they will send your payment back or ship a new free parcel with the same order to you if something goes wrong.

Still, this is a rare event. If you were “lucky” to wait for a stopped package, there is even a lower risk that the second parcel will be detained as well.

What Websites Provide Online Sales of Modafinil in Sweden?

Like with all other purchases from online shops, you need to find a trusted one. Remember that you are going to send funds to an unknown company when you buy modafinil online for the first time. You should be aware of risks to stumble across a scammer.

What we recommend: before placing an order, surf for information about this vendor. If this is a scam website, it is likely you will find some reviews in online communities and forums.

The List of Online Merchants We Trust

Our Favorite Modafinil Sources Include:

Communities of modafinil users are full of good reviews about these websites. Their major advantage is a huge experience of working with customers from the EU.

What Kinds of Modafinil are There?

Since modafinil is an active substance, producers can manufacture a drug containing modafinil only or with additional substances (so-called branded preparations). Some companies invent their own smart drugs and protect their formulas of modafinil/other substances ratio.
Pure modafinil preparations cost less than branded pills.

Generic Modafinil Available Online Includes:

What are the Steps of Ordering Modafinil Online in Sweden?

Purchasing modafinil is as easy as ordering anything else online: the steps are the same for shoes, phones, and smart drugs.

First, you need to select a brand

Since there are a lot of modafinil versions (branded and generic), you need to select a brand, a dosage and a number of pills in a sample you want to buy.

All the smart drugs containing modafinil are effective and safe, but depending on your body’s reactions you might prefer a specific brand.

It’s all about your own priorities. If you still don’t have any, since you are buying modafinil for the first time, a smart solution is to try several kinds.

There are many online suppliers that offer so-called sample packs – a minimal package of modafinil which is enough to try and understand whether this brand fits you best. We recommend EUfilin for Sweden!

Second, decide which delivery option you prefer

Your home address is not a must for entering in the shipping form. You can decide to use it and order a direct delivery. But our recommendation is to use a service of a mail-forwarding company. Since the medicinal products distribution laws in Sweden are strict, some suppliers don’t have an option of shipment to this country. They are not interested in a high ratio of parcels, stopped at the border.
Some vendors do deliver to Sweden, though we recommend using a mail-forwarding address even in this case as well.

Our recommendation: use the service of Skypax.

Skypax acts as a re-sender of your parcel: you take from them an address of their distribution center in the UK and enter it in a form after selecting modafinil items. Then, Skypax receives your parcel, re-pack it and re-send it to your Swedish address. Safe and simple.

Parcels from the UK attract much less attention than parcels from India. This is why customs officers are unlikely to check the content of your package from Skypax.

You can track the transmission of your order online, and if something happens – simply contact the support service of your online vendor.

Third, you need to make a payment

Now, you’ve already selected some modafinil items and figured out the address issue, and your order is at the checkout step.

You can use one of two payment options: credit card or cryptocurrency. If you are not familiar with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, here is a short notice. Crypto coins are a kind of decentralized digital money. You can send them to other users in any country. It is a simple process: you have a bitcoin wallet and another person (or a modafinil merchant) has a bitcoin wallet. You send funds from one account to another and pay a penny for that.

As compared with credit card processors’ fees, it’s almost free. This is why this method of payment will reward you with a discount. The fee paid by merchants for processing your card can reach 35% of the total order amount. No card – no fee charged. So, the merchants can cut the price by 10%-35%.

If you are not into innovations and prefer using a good old credit card, it’s still fine. A trusted merchant will give you an opportunity to pay with a card. In addition, vendors usually put a different company name in your card’s statement, so the purchase will remain incognito.

Incognito payments can also be made with prepaid cards. It’s a widespread method though not so popular as bitcoin payments.

Fourth, you need to wait and then receive your parcel

You’ve done everything you could, and all you need to do now is wait. Generally, it takes from 7 to 30 days to deliver your direct package. If you decided to use a mail-forwarding service, from 3 to 7 extra days will be added to this term.

Sometimes you even don’t need to track your parcel, because your merchant’s client support will be doing it for you. In case of any problems, they will send you a notification with possible solutions.

modafinil delivery sweden

Let’s Sum Up: How You Can Buy Modafinil in Sweden

As a member of the EU, Sweden regulates its pharmaceutical market with the shared laws, common for all EU countries. According to these laws, modafinil can be sold by local vendors only after getting a prescription from a doctor.

This is why most people who want to boost their productivity and working, studying or challenging mental task processing, prefer to buy modafinil online. It is not legally restricted since online vendors are located in India or other countries, where the laws are softer, and selling modafinil without a prescription is allowed.

Your parcel might be detained at the Swedish border, and the content is going to be destroyed by the border security – though it is seldom the case.

To avoid even the risk of border crossing troubles with direct shipping, you can use a mail-forwarding service instead. You will pay a penny more and wait a bit longer, but the chance that your order arrives with no trouble reaches 100%.

When buying and using modafinil for the first time, you need to remember that there might be your personal body response to its action. Listen to yourself and modify the dosage if you notice some alarming symptoms. This is a surefire way to avoid any side effects.

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