How You Can Buy Modafinil in Spain in 2020

Buy Modafinil in Spain

These properties make modafinil so popular for off-label use among students and creative workers, entrepreneurs, and CEOs.

There is only one problem with using modafinil in Spain: you can’t buy it in a local pharmacy without a prescription. However, there are options, and we will talk about them later in this guide.


We will give you a detailed instruction about sourcing modafinil in Spain and using it as a superpower to your brainwork.

What is the Legal Status of Modafinil in Spain?

Modafinil is 100% legal medication in Spain and all of Europe. Having a prescription from your doctor, you can buy it from your pharmacist or from a Spanish online vendor.

Since modafinil is a registered legal drug, its distribution is regulated according to the rules of the Spanish pharmaceutical market, which are the shared rules in force for all other EU countries. There is a special organization, called EMA (Medicine Agency), which creates laws for pharmaceutical sales in the territory of the EU. Non-EU countries located in Europe (like Sweden) also negotiate with EMA while designing their pharmaceutical regulations.

In 2007, the agency evaluated modafinil, positioning it as an efficient treatment for specific disorders, despite some side effects that may occur during its use.

The advantages of this smart drug prevail over detriments, and this was an official statement. Though modafinil received a prescription-only status from the agency, many pharmacies in Spain don’t stick to it.

Can You Buy Modafinil in Spain Freely?

Pharmacies, which sell modafinil without a prescription, are not easy to find. You might be lucky and source it somewhere in the neighborhoods, but you can never be sure about this in advance.

This is the first trouble you will meet on your way of buying modafinil offline. Instead, you can receive a prescription from your doctor after passing a medical examination and receiving a sleeping disorder diagnosis (for example, narcolepsy or sleep apnea).

But it is unlikely you have one. Still, modafinil’s properties may be useful for you when you are going through a challenging period of your life: exams, tough projects at work, intense internships or others.

The high prices for modafinil in offline pharmacies can become the second trouble. Modafinil is an active substance, and it can be added to pills solely or together with other substances. These complicated formulas, designed by pharmaceutical companies, are kept in secret and they underpin branded versions of modafinil.
Branded pills have a similar effect as generic versions but usually cost much higher. The prices can vary a lot. Some pharmacies work with specific suppliers and sell only branded modafinil versions, so it might be double trouble to find the one, which sells without a prescription and have any generic modafinil in the assortment.

Buying Modafinil Online Is a Solution to All Troubles

Living in Spain, you can easily purchase modafinil online from overseas. This is the best way of sourcing it because you can kill two birds with one stone. You will not be requested to provide a prescription, while popular merchants offer a wide variety of modafinil versions on their websites.

Online merchants compete on a global scale for clients from all over the world. Pricing is the main factor of competition, so you can find attractive offers for every taste. The average price level for 1 generic pill is between €1 and €3. Usually price decreases dramatically if you make a big order: for example, €2.00 for 1-99 pills and €0.80 for 100-299 pills.

The price for branded medications usually starts at €5 per pill.

Brand Name vs. Generic Prices per Month & Year

bablets - How You Can Buy Modafinil in Spain in 2020Per TabletPer Month (30 Tablets)Per Year (365 Tablets)
Brand Name5.00 €150.00 €1825.00 €
Small Order Generic Modafinil2.59 €77.70 €945.35 €
Large Order Generic Modafinil1.49 €44.70 €543.85 €

The difference between brand name tablets to generic can go all the way up to 86% in savings when ordering large orders (100-300 tablets) of generic modafinil.

Let’s break the price down more accurately now.

Cost Breakdown of Generic Modafinil

(Generic modafinil prices listed are taken from EUfinil)

bablets - How You Can Buy Modafinil in Spain in 2020ManufacturedGeneric or Brand NameCost per TabletBulk Modafinil Cost (110 Pills or More)
ModalertSun PharmaGeneric2.59 €1.49 €
ModvigilHAB PharmaGeneric2.59 €1.49 €
ArtvigilHAB PharmaGeneric2.59 €1.49 €
WaklertSun PharmaGeneric2.59 €1.49 €

How You Can Buy Modafinil Online from Spain

When ordering modafinil online, the first thing you should select is a trusted vendor.

Modafinil can be ordered online using websites like EUfinil (recommended, 3-5 days via Deutsche Post), BuyModa, ModafinilXL or NEOmodafinil


These merchants are well known in modafinil users’ community. You can search for reviews from people who have already ordered from various websites and had the orders delivered without any problems. Or you can take our recommendations since we have checked their reliability. These merchants provide both generic and branded versions of modafinil, so you can select the best fit.

You can also choose payment methods and shipping options, which vary depending on what you prefer.

What Version of Modafinil Is the Best?

All kinds of modafinil tablets contain the same active substance and have similar nootropic properties. People notice slight differences in the effects of various brands; usually, they are caused by personal body reactions. Here is the list of the most popular options of the smart drug:

bablets - How You Can Buy Modafinil in Spain in 2020ModafinilXLEUfinilBuyModaNEOmodafinil
Vilafinil+ +

What Payment Method Is the Best?

Buying modafinil online goes the same way as buying clothes or gadgets on websites, so you can use an ordinary payment with your credit card. For processing this payment, a merchant has to pay a fee to a processing service. The fees for pharmaceutical orders are quite high; they can reach up to 35% of the total amount of payment.

To avoid these expenses, modafinil vendors offer clients to use cryptocurrencies. Sending bitcoin (or litecoin, ethereum, etc.) payment costs much cheaper, and it allows merchants to make a discount for your order. Usually, the discount level is between 10% and 35%, so it’s a significant decrease in the total price.

Is It Possible to Order Direct Shipping to Spain?

Merchants have different policies of delivery to the EU countries. Some of them ship directly to Spain, yet some of them don’t. You can find a list of countries, not available for direct delivery, in the shipment description on merchants’ websites.
Sometimes, merchants refuse to make a direct shipment due to risks at crossing the EU countries’ borders. The parcel with your order can be stopped and checked by the customs officers. This risk is quite low, though it exists. In this case, an addressee of the parcel will receive a requirement to provide a copy of a valid prescription for modafinil. Failing to provide this copy will entail termination of the parcel content or sending it back to the vendor.

Since most merchants have delivery insurance for all orders, they will have to refund yours or repeat shipment hoping everything will go fine this time. Due to this risk, some merchants can offer you an alternative way of delivery. If you are not good about it, try to buy modafinil online from another vendor.

The alternative way leads to the use of a special service called mail forwarding. Skypax collaborates with most of modafinil online vendors and works as a re-sender of your parcel. Skypax has a distribution point in the UK, where your modafinil package is received, re-packed and re-sent to your Spanish address. Since usually, the border security authorities turn a blind eye on parcels from the UK, the risk of stopping tends to zero.

Merchants usually provide customers with a tracking code, so that they can follow the delivery status online. Selecting the mail-forwarding option doesn’t mean that you will lose control over your parcel since Skypax will provide you with a tracking code as well. First, you will see how your order travels from the vendor’s stock to the UK address, and then how it arrives from the distribution point to your front door.

If you notice that something is wrong and the parcel is stuck at the border (any of them), you should contact the merchant for a refund or a free repeated parcel. Sometimes, merchant’s employees follow the orders, so they will contact you to provide options.

What is the Risk of Stopping at the Border?

Spanish border security has a relaxed attitude to modafinil packages. The smart drug is 100% legal in the EU; it has nothing to do with restricted substances like drugs of abuse, so there is no point of putting much effort into hunting it. Anyway, you will not face any legal consequences if even the officials find out that you buy modafinil online.

The Conclusion: How You Can Buy Modafinil in Spain

Modafinil is a smart drug that helps people go through challenging periods of their lives. The medication can increase your studying skills and memory, improve your focus and extend the term of productive work on mental tasks. If you need to boost your brainwork ability, buy modafinil to have the best effect.

Like in all EU countries, modafinil is considered an efficient treatment for specific disorders in Spain and can be legally sold offline. You need a prescription from a doctor to have a 100% chance of buying it. Sometimes, you can find pharmacies that do not stick to this rule, but you can’t be sure about it.

A reliable source of the smart drug is buying modafinil online. You can order it on the website of a trusted merchant without a prescription and even cheaper than buying offline.

If you decide to pay with cryptocurrency, most merchants will give you a discount from 10% to 35% of the total price.

You can select from one of two shipment options: to order a direct delivery or to use a mail-forwarding service. In both cases, trusted merchants will cover the risk of stopping at the border and send you a free parcel with the same order if something goes wrong.

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